Youth Dynamics Great Falls in need of mentors

Currently serving 220 children, Youth Dynamics in Great Falls has 85 kids without a mentor. Meaning without these mentors, these kids don't have anyone helping them overcome their barriers with emotions.

These kids come from homes where they've struggled with things like minding their manners, attitude or feeling a sense of security. And spending just one hour at the ice rink or baking cookies gives these kids the security, attention, and positive reinforcement they need.

Specifically, they're looking for male mentors. Youth Dynamics tells us a lot of the younger boys they work with need a male role model in their life. An example of that is a mentor by the name of Mr. Gregory.

"We had a kid who was really struggling. Not just getting to school every day, but wasn't able to focus, being able to mind his teacher so he could get through the school year. The first day that Mr. Gregory met this kid, the kid comes walking down the hallway, and Mr. Gregory was all excited and very enthusiastic, and totally set it off on the right note,” said Melissa Hernandez the Great Falls Youth Dynamics, FSA Manager.

Ever since then, the child Mr. Gregory is working with has been doing phenomenal. Depending on each child's situation, you'll either work with them at school or outside of school in the community.

These mentor positions are paid. 

So if you'd like to help out, you can sign up for a mentor by clicking this link or contact Melissa Hernandez personally at (406) 453-5592.

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