Why there’s an overwhelming number of stray cats in Great Falls

Image courtesy of Kate Buckles

GREAT FALLS - There's a huge stray cat problem in Great Falls. It's such a nuisance, that a local non-profit called Pet Paw-See is actively rescuing cats daily and says they've saved probably hundreds in the last 10 years.

"It's a people problem, not a cat problem," said Kate Buckles from Pet Paw-See.

This issue is being caused by people relocating or people buying cats they can't afford.

Common places you’ll find stray cats include around the Talus Apartment area, Malmstrom Air Force Base, and in the vicinity of Black Eagle.

With below zero temperatures in the last month, some of these 70 roaming cats have been found with frozen ears and tails resulting in amputations.

As for this kitty, Fiesta, it was one of the lucky ones. It was safely rescued last Friday by the Pet Paw-See after a girl living at Talus Apartments called the organization after seeing Fiesta underneath a dumpster.

"People just don't understand the suffering. Somebody doesn't just always take them in," said Kate Buckles an animal rescuer, with Pet Paw-See.

To prevent this: Get your cats neutered. If you see a stray cat, give them water immediately because they can’t eat snow, unlike other animals. Then, give them food and shelter. Don't try and trap them yourselves, instead call your local rescue home.

Pet Paw-See is looking for people to help them rescue cats. You can click here for those details.

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