Waiting in Line is a Thing of the Past

Lines in grocery stores are a thing of the past!

Smiths had a ribbon cutting ceremony the morning of August 29th in celebration for their newly renovated store in Great Falls.

Along with the new design and layout, Smiths has added some new technology called “Scan, Bag, Go” that will cut your shopping trip in half.

Smiths is giving its customers more of a market experience but with a 21st-century upgrade.

Scan, Bag, Go was created to allow people to have a more personalized shopping experience.

It lets you see weekly sales, download digital coupons, sort through your cart by preference, and view the total bill of your groceries as you shop.

Overall, people are excited about the new technology!

On customer even commented by saying, "I really enjoy it because it makes shopping really easy and it’s not that hard to use. Cuts my time more than in half I think because I bag it up now as I go."

Once you’re done shopping, you can either pay on your phone using the Scan, Bag, Go app or simply scan the handheld device at the self-checkout.

Before you leave you simply show your receipt at the store exit and, voila, you’re done!

The hassle of a line is no longer a problem.

Extra security measures are in place with the new program, with random item checks as you pay, to ensure all of your items have been scanned and paid for. 

However. if you still enjoy using the self check-out or even going through a cashier check-out, that is still an option as well.

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