Montana's history is full of tales from the Old West. Small towns popped up along rivers and tributaries across what would eventually become the Treasure State.

Many of those small towns are now gone and forgotten, but in Billings work is underway to re-discover some of that lost history.

Boothill Cemetery sits right in the heart of the Billings Heights, though it is older than Billings. As Billings grew up around this cemetery, not much was known about those buried here.

That's where Montana State University Billings professor Dr. Tom Rust and his students come in. Over the last month, they've been using ground penetrating radar and other scientific instruments to get a clear picture of who's buried here.

Each orange stake represents a grave. And, there are about 100 of them now. Dr. Rust tells me only about half of the graves they discovered were marked.

Dr. Rust says, "Some of the more intriguing ones are this, like this giant mound here. When we took the ground-penetrating radar over it, we found at least seven distinct signatures in it. This one is definitely, I think we can definitely say this one is probably a mass burial." 

Dr. Rust and his team will finish and present their report within the next couple of weeks.

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