When we're talking about the industry of trucking, the career field itself hasn't seen too much growth, however, their job responsibilities have.

The trucking industry in Great Falls has seen a dramatic increase in importing and exporting goods; especially with our Canadian neighbors to the north.

The Canadian dollar is less valuable than ours, and as a result, there are an abundance of exports. 

The future of trucking in Great Falls

However, as the Canadian dollar changes, we’ll begin to see more imports as well.  

In fact, Turbo Auto Transport carries anywhere between three to five hundred vehicles a month through Canada, which is not only great business, but good for the economy as well.

"Brings jobs to Great Falls. I mean currently, we’re at thirty employees in our little company right? And a lot of those employees have come on since we’ve started to import and export so it’s good for our economy," explains Aaron Corbett, Transportation Director at Turbo Auto Transport. 

Aaron continued to explain that trucking is the main way we're able to receive our goods and merchandise in America. 

With such a promising future, Aaron says becoming a trucker is a great opportunity and career. 

The industry has continued to change for the better and truckers can make anywhere between $70,000-$100,000 annually. 

As for the future of trucking in Great Falls, Aaron believes we'll continue to see more imports and exports within the next few years, and as a result, a growing career field and an even stronger economy. 

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