The future of hunting in Motnana

Illinois just announced that they will be allowing their hunters to wear pink camouflage as an alternative to the vibrant orange.

The goal is to help hunters see each other better in the field and not limit them to the previous orange colored garment.

However, here in Montana, the Fish, Wildlife, and Parks services stated that there are more pressing issues than a color change to discuss. 

In fact, one of the only ways adding pink camouflage to a hunter’s wardrobe would be if a constituent group brought it up for discussion.

From their perspective, the vibrant orange has worked well for years and will continue to do so.

When asked if they feel the pink color option would attract more female hunters, Montana’s FWP Gary Bertellotti, Regional Supervisor of Region 4 FWP, stated that female hunters in the state of Montana has grown exponentially over that past 5-8 years and there are plenty of programs to continue that growth.

Regardless, there are other things Montanan hunters should be on the lookout for going into 2019.

Montana’s FWP says that the legislative sessions are about a week away, and while FWP hasn’t brought anything to the table for discussion, that doesn’t mean nothing will change.

“In general, I would look to watch the legislative session real close. Fish, wildlife and parks issues are always a high on the profile from the stand point of legislative sessions,” commented Gary Bertellotti.

This year, the FWP will also be doing their regulation cycle to see if any new rules and guidelines need to go into effect.

They will be drafting up their conclusions by the end of this year to be reviewed.

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