Spring high school sports are starting this week: softball, tennis and track.  So, what do spring athletes do when it still looks like winter outside?

Faculty and staff members at Billings Senior High School spent eight and one half hours clearing the track for the athletes, but they still have a long way to go.

Coach Brandon Quesenberry is the Billings Senior High head coach for boys track and assistant coach for girls track. This week, he's also a snow-removal specialist.

He is one of the faculty members that spent hours this past week-end removing snow from the track. However, portions of the track are still covered in snow.   

Quesenberry said, "Last year and this year are the only two years since I've started coaching in my six or seven years that we've had this much snow on the first day.  Usually, we can come out and get everything set up, our mats and stuff like that, but these last two years have put us behind a little bit."

Quesenberry says the runners should be able to practice outside on the portion of the track where the snow has been cleared. But, for right now, the field athletes will need to practice inside. 

With the first meet on March 30, Quesenberry is hoping for a little help from Mother Nature.

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