RPP Fitness isn't worried about the large franchise, Planet Fitness

Planet Fitness is set to open their doors mid-January, causing worry the Goliath of a franchise might be closing the doors of their local competitors.

Planet Fitness is known for their low prices and amenities, offering gym memberships for a monthly fee as low as $10.

Competitors such as Snap Fitness and The Peak offer a higher monthly membership fee starting around $30+.

However, for one local gym RPP Fitness, the competition is nothing to worry about.  

“We treat you when you walk in the door as if you’re already part of the family and you’re part of the crew. We want to see you progress as much as you want to progress. So as far as programs or membership deals or anything like that, I’m not going to change anything that I do,” commented Christian Nichols, Head Coach and Owner of RPP Fitness.

For Christian, mega-gyms such as Planet Fitness get people through the door and let them figure it out from there.

Christian continued to explain that Planet Fitness doesn’t offer the one-on-one coaching and relationship people want/need.

As a result, he feels his coaching and programs will always give him the upper-hand.  

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