One bar in Great Falls is taking safety to the next level

How safe do you feel going to your local bar? It’s a question on many people’s minds after the recent shooting at a bar in Thousand Oaks, California.

The day and age we live in is much different than it was even just a few years ago.

It’s something one bar here in Great Falls recognizes and does their best to keep up with.

The Alumni Club considers safety a number on priority.  

In fact, not only are security members on staff but a new rule was just implemented that doesn’t allow backpacks or oversized purses into the bar.

The bags that are allowed in are subject to search at any time.

Owner Kevin Bray is very passionate about safety, saying it's his number one priority for any person that walks through his door.

For Kevin, a night out shouldn’t be spent looking over your shoulder.

It should be a night you can relax with your hair down and beers up.

"I take everybody’s safety and security when they come into this establishment very, very seriously. I want this to be the type of place where myself of a father of little girls, you know, when they go to seek out their entertainment when their each, you know the appropriate age, that this is a place that I feel safe that they can come because then I know that I can feel safe basically being responsible for somebody else’s kids," says Kevin Bray, owner and manager of the Alumni Club.

In light of the Thousand Oaks, California shooting, Kevin says they will be adding even more security; such as distress buttons for bartenders, improving their phone/communication chain, and even having staff train with local self-defense instructors.

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