New year, new Ice Plex

The Great Falls Ice Plex has seen some pretty big changes over the past few weeks but the new year is bringing even larger goals for the local ice rink.  

Towards the middle of December, the Ice Plex needed new ice skates and was able to purchase 35 new ones from money set aside by the Ice Foundation.

Shortly after, they received new interior walls from Jack Huston Construction that not only helped with the aesthetics, but provided better insulation as well. 

Now, they are desperately trying to raise money to re-pave their parking lot. 

"We’re looking to re-do the parking lot. You know, as you drive in, if you have a cup of coffee, you’re going to spill it. So, we’re looking to fill in the pot holes. Eventually get it paved. Curb it in," explains Bob Sachen, Ice Plex manager. 

Looking forward, Bob explains that the Ice Plex is always a work in progress.

The building the received roughly ten years ago was used to begin with, as well as everything inside of it.

Following the parking lot repairs, Bob says they're looking to eventually renovate their locker rooms and replace their Zamboni machines, which have been around since the 1980's. 

"They've seen a lot of ice," Bob explained jokingly.  

These are just a few of the projects the Ice Plex has on the drawing board.

If you’d like to donate, just head on over to the Great Falls Ice Plex or donate through their Facebook page.  

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