"My Student in Need" program: How one napkin has helped thousands of young students nationwide

My Student in Need has started back up for their 6th year in a row and is looking for people to help fulfill the needs of students across the nation.

My Student in Need is part of the organization My Neighbor in Need, focusing on the classroom setting.

It’s a website that allows teachers and school administrators to post needs for students at their school to be seen around the world.

Currently, it serves over 160 schools in 31 cities.

According to Dave Snuggs, the Founder and Executive Director of My Neighbor in Need, the whole idea started in an unexpected way.

"Student in Need was written on a bar napkin. My wife and I were with her best friend and her husband in Spokane Washington at a concert and she’s a principal at a low-income school and she said I sure love neighbor in need. I wish you could do that for student in need. Well, how can we? We have to vet the need. And she said what if the teachers were the vetters. And all of a sudden click! And I went bingo!"

For the past six years, my student in need has fulfilled over 2,500 needs and has fulfilled every need over the past 3 years.

And if you’re worried about security, they have you covered.

The only information needed is the age, gender, school and details of the request.

No personal information is needed and requests are fulfilled anonymously.

If you want to donate: https://www.mystudentinneed.org/

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