Montana School for the Deaf and Blind raising money to help children see

There are over 400 sight impaired children across the state of Montana.

However, new technology could literally change the way these kids see the world around them.

The saying goes; a picture is worth a thousand words.

However, in order for some to see that picture however, the price is a little higher.

The Montana School for the Deaf and Blind  is partnering with the Lions Club to raise money for a piece of technology known as the Prodigi Connect 12.

The Montana School for the Deaf and Blind are trying to get their hands on 100 of these high tech tablets, each one to be given to a sight impaired student across the state.

In order to reach their goal, they need to raise $150,000.

After they hit their target, their Lions Club partner will match that; making a combined total of $300,000

Despite the high price tag, the results will far outweigh the cost.

“This device allows them to take anything in their environment and enlarge it to the size that they need to be able to get the information. And it’s real time,” explains Carol Clayton-Bye, Director of Outreach.

Each student has a consultant who will decide how much the tablet needs to be used and in what capacity.

After a student graduates from high school, their tablet is put back into the system and given to another student in need.

If you’re interested in helping, simply contact the Montana School for the Deaf and Blind Foundation or The Lions Club.

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