Montana Rescue Mission

BILLINGS, Mont. - The Montana Rescue Mission is asking for your help when it comes to this holiday season.

As the holiday season grows near, MRM is working to provide adequate care for the community.

Denise Smith, MRM Director of Public Relations says your lending help is crucial this time of year as they work to keep people off the streets.

"Right now we're evaluating all of our programs and effectiveness and how we can best serve the individuals that we help. Our number one goal is to really try and get our guests not just back on their feet and back into society but really helping them to address the issues and concerns that led to their homelessness." 

Smith says you can help MRM and make a difference by helping in any way you can.

The organization leans on their donations from the community to help their facility going.

Aside from food donations, she says monetary or financial support is a huge benefit, which would help keep power their electricity to provide warmth during the winter months.

Even offering your services such as volunteering, maintenance work and even cleaning.

You can find more volunteering options here.

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