Montana Leading the Nation in Median Income Growth

According to the Census Bureau, the middle class has stopped shrinking for the first time in decades.

Montana is ranked as the top state in the nation for the biggest jump in median household income, with an annual median income of $53,386 dollars.

This is a 4.7% jump since the last report. 

Missoula also made the top five cities to have the biggest metro growth; with a 15% increase to $54,000.

Overall, the U.S. increased 1.8%, making a new record for the average median income of $61,372.

Several factors play a role in the recent income growth throughout Montana.

One of the main reasons is because of the diversity of jobs available throughout the state.

This allows wages to come from several different sources and increase variability.  

As a whole, Montana has been growing consistently over the past several years.

"There’s been real wage growth in Montana. The Montana Department of Labor and Industry in their 2018 Labor Day report just showed, reported, that real wages have actually gone up in Montana by about 1.1%," says Mary Craigle, the Research and Information Services Bureau Chief at the Montana Dept. of Commerce.  

The U.S. has had three consecutive years of annual median income growth.

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