Lately, we've been seeing some dangerously cold weather and have told our viewers if you can stay indoors, please do so. The weather is no obstacle for mail carriers who's mission is to make sure your mail arrives on time.

The United States Postal Service is responsible for delivering your mail and mail carriers such as Chad Dschaak will work diligently to do just that, even when temperatures are rough.

We followed Dschaak on one of his residential routes in Billings Tuesday. He was seen trudging through the snow with layers of clothing and in single digit temperatures.

He said on days when freezing temperatures come into play, its really about making sure he has all the equipment he needs to be able to walk his route and staying safe while doing it. He also said some of the dangers he faces are icicles, slipping, tripping, and falling.

We asked him what people can do to help make his route a little easier and safer, here's what he had to say.

"So we can deliver the mail safely and get on to the next stop and, you know, so on and so forth," Dschaak said.

Dschaak said stairs are also a big issue. He said people can neglect clearing their stairs from ice or water and that's when tripping and falling can really injure a mail carrier. He said you should also make sure to keep any path to the mail receptacle clear and safe would be a huge help.

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