Loy Elementary School raising money for children fighting blood cancer

Most of you probably know someone combating, recovering, or a survivor of cancer. Well, Loy Elementary students in Great Falls are taking the initiative to make sure kids their age have a fighting chance at beating blood cancer.

Pennies For Patients is a national organization driven to raise awareness and financial support for children battling any type of blood cancer.

The idea is simple- every penny counts. Starting March 4th through March 22nd, if just one person brings in a dollar, it'll end up adding up. Lora LoDuca, a counselor up at Loy tells me the students are more than eager to get started with this fundraiser because many of them have connections to cancer.

"They've had a cousin who had childhood cancer, or a parent, I know we have students in our school right now whose parents are going through cancer treatment, chemo. We even have a teacher who just returned back to work because he was out several months going through chemotherapy and radiation,” said LoDuca a Counselor at Loy Elementary.

If you'd like to donate, make sure your donations are in a cash or credit form. You can donate at Loy Elementary or online. Click here to donate.

Also, on a quick side note, about 90 percent of the kids at Loy Elementary are military kids so they have a lot of foreign cash/coins from their parent’s deployments abroad. Please make sure if you're going to donate, it's only American money because they can't convert.

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