Local businesses shouldn't be worried about larger franchises

Eat local, shop local. The city of Great Falls prides themselves on supporting their local business and economy.

In fact, young entrepreneurs come to Great Falls to start their own business. 

However, with new franchises and larger businesses coming to Great Falls, mom and pop shops are facing a new challenge.

The good news is the Great Falls Development Authority says you have nothing to worry about.

With the low cost of living and Great Falls being a smaller city, this is the perfect place to start and run a small business.

Smaller businesses will always have one thing larger corporations don’t have.

The customer experience.

"Making sure that your customers have a good experience while they are with you, that interaction will draw them back. Yes, you got to get people in the door. However, once they’re there, you’ve got to get them to come back," says Jason Nitschke, Small Business Development Center director.

While Great Falls is continuing to see larger businesses,Jason says it’s all part of how business works.

Businesses will continue to come while others fade away. 

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