Montana has seen some dangerously low temperatures across the state over the past month

Jacob Holloway is the production center manager of URUS. URUS is a bull collection facility in Billings servicing 100 bulls.

Holloway says the recent weather can be a challenge for the bulls.

The extreme cold temperatures have necessitated bringing his bulls inside. He says that they need to lock the bulls inside to keep them out of the elements and to keep them warm. Holloway also says they keep the bulls bedded with sawdust and straw.

He says that the cold weather makes specimen collection difficult and causes other problems.

He adds that he and the other staff are fortunate to work in a heated facility.

Holloway said, "Actually, here, I always tell the staff we're quite spoiled.  We get to work in a nice, heated facility.  But, for the bulls outside, it can be pretty tough."

Holloway tells me that right now is the calm before the storm.  They have 30 to 40 more bulls on the way.

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