Hotels on the rise in Great Falls

Great Falls has been seeing recent hotel growth over the past couple years, following the opening of the SpringHill Suites in April of 2018 and a TownPump hotel set to open in 2019.

According to the Great Falls Development Authority (GFDA), the reason for the recent growth in hotels stems back to a growth in tourism.

Hotels in the Great Falls area have seen a steady increase in occupancy over the past 8 months, with a 10% increase in bookings in December of 2018.

However, the GFDA says this type of growth was unheard of in Great Falls until just a few years ago.

“The Canadian dollar affected us quite a bit. Certainly, the AG and energy markets affect our economy… And I think our progress over the past few years has been because we are working together as a team,” commented Brett Doney, President and CEO of GFDA.

The goal from here is to keep attracting more tourists to help boost the local economy.

One way you’ll see this type of growth is through the new TownPump hotel.

Tour buses are contracted through the TownPump Company, and after the previous TownPump hotel in Great Falls was torn down, tour buses were re-directed to other cities.

However, once the new TownPump hotel open’s their doors, tour buses will once again make their debut.

Furthermore, the GFDA is working hand-in-hand with Great Falls Tourism Agency to attract more people to visit the city.

One of their newest initiatives is to change the Great Falls Tourism logo and the GFDA logo to create similar icons to show their unity.

In the end, they hope to show visitors that Great Falls isn’t just a one day trip, but worth an extended vacation.

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