Ice skates

Shoes start to wear over time and ice skates aren't an exception; especially if you’ve had the same pair for over twenty years.

The Great Falls Ice Plex is facing this issue with over one hundred of their ice skates.

Usually, the Ice Plex has a couple hundred pairs of ice skates for their customers, however, several of their skates are wearing down and losing their support.

Thirty-five pairs of ice skates were recently purchased from money set aside by the Ice Foundation; but with the holiday's coming up, rink manager Bob Sachen says that they still need more.  

"Through the end of the year, January first when the kids are out of school, we’re adding a bunch of public skates and we’ll have two to three thousand people skating up through that time."

Bob continued to say that they’re hoping to get as many skates as possible before that holiday break so their customers have a more enjoyable and comfortable experience on the ice.

The best way you can help is by stopping by the Great Falls Ice Plex and making a monetary donation or even dropping off a pair of new or used ice skates.

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