Great Falls annual leaf pick-up need-to-knows

Great Falls' annual leaf pick-up is going to be this Monday, October 22 - November 7. 

The Natural Resources Division will be vacuuming up leaves in conjunction with the City Street Division to sweep the roadways from 7 am -3 pm, Monday- Friday.

If you live in the Boulevard district, you’ll need to put your leaves on the Boulevard curb instead of in the storm gutters.

The reason for this is because rain and/or snow will make it extremely difficult to pick up leaves. 

You’ll also need to make sure there aren’t any grass clippings, branches, or waste in your leaf piles. 

On your scheduled pick-up day, it's also important to move your vehicle from the street to allow easy access to the leaves and for crews to sweep the streets. 

The leaf pick-up schedule is weather permitting and subject to change. 


Hours of Operation 7:00 am – 3:00 pm Monday – Friday

•Monday, October 22

•Tuesday, October 23

-Area 1 (Upper North side)

-(Avenues & Streets)

-Central Avenue to 5th Avenue North

-From 23rd Street North to 38th Street North

•Wednesday, October 24

•Thursday, October 25

-Area 2 (Northside)

-(Avenues & Streets)

-Central Avenue to 8th Avenue North

-From 15th Street North to 23rd Street North

•Friday, October 26

-Area 2 and Area 3

•Monday, October 29

•Tuesday, October 30

-Area 3 (Lower Northside)

-(Avenues & Streets)

-Central Avenue to 8th Avenue North

-From Park Drive to 15th Street North

•Wednesday, October 31

-Area 3 and Area 5

•Thursday, November 1

-Area 5 (Westside)

-(Avenues & Streets)

-Central Avenue West to 4th Avenue SW

-From 3rd Street SW to 11th Street SW

•Friday, November 2

•Monday, November 5

-Area 4 (Lower Southside)

-(Avenues & Streets)

-Central Avenue to 3rd Avenue South

-From 2nd Street South to 13th Street South

•Wednesday, November 7

-Area 6 (Great Falls High School)

-Avenues & Streets

-Central Avenue to 9th Avenue South

-From 14th Street South to 23rd Street South

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