Going to kindergarten for the first time

GREAT FALLS- For the kindergarten students at Sacajawea Elementary School dreams are big and expectations are simple.

The students have already completed their very first day of school, and are just about to head into the weekend. Their teachers are instructing them on the days of the week.

In Miss. Grossman’s kindergarten classroom, the students are full of high energy. One student, Taya Pederson is using her imagination and dreaming big.

“[When I grow up I want to be] a sparkly mermaid princess,” said Pederson.

Next door to Miss. Grossman’s classroom is where Mrs. Baker’s kindergarten classroom is. One student, Adoniah Fonoti is starting off his first week of kindergarten pondering about what food he likes.

"My name is Adoniah and I like bananas and yoyo. Wait I love things, I like cereal and bananas, I mean no I don't like bananas, I only like apples,” said Fonoti.

For these 5-year-olds, their creativity and curiosity are only beginning on their third-day of school this August 30th.

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