GFPS Construction UPDATE

Great Falls High school is still seeing construction as we head further into the cold, winter months.

The project began on June 1st and phase one isn't expected to be finished until mid-October of 2019. 

Phase one consists of constructing a new building and hub to replace their current structure.

Following this, students and staff will move into the new building and phase two will begin. 

This consists of completely renovating and remodeling the current building at Great Falls High School. 

For the project manager, this particular project is changing everything he once knew.

"Oh, it’s pretty cool because, you know, I loved going to school here and that was very important to me. I snuck into the basement one time and stole some dirt and you know, now I’m actually digging the dirt out there," says Matt McCullough, Project Manager of GFPS expansion and renovation.

The first shipment of steel arrived November 19th and starting next week, the beginning stages of walls will start to be erected; just in time for the winter. 

This project is being funded by taxpayer money, however, there isn't enough funding in the bond to finance everything that needs to be done.

Sadly, the bond only covers half of the window replacement that needs to be done.

If you’re interested in donating, head over to the GFPS foundation website 

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