Claims of Animal Cruelty Under Investigation in Great Falls

Great Falls Animal Control is currently investigating a string of animal shootings involving an air soft gun.

People have taken to Facebook, claiming their pets have been severely injured or even killed by acts of violence.

Community members have commented saying their pets have fallen victim to being shot by air soft or pellet guns in the past; while others have claimed their pets have been poisoned by rat poison.

The problem is, no one is reporting it to the authorities.

In a press release from August 31st, Great Falls Police Department emphasized that while social media can be extremely useful resource, it doesn’t replace actual reporting and investigation.

Investigations are still underway for the most recent incident; involving two cats being shot by a BB gun.

Animal control is asking that people report any incidents they see to avoid them going undocumented. 

Great Falls isn’t the only city dealing with animal cruelty.

A string of cat mutilations has been reported out of Olympia, Washington, with the discovery of their 13th cat victim just last week. 

If you see any type of animal cruelty, you can call Great Falls Animal Control at: 406-454-2276

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