Billings Police give tips to help protect your belongings from theft

Billings Police say there were almost 2 burglaries a day in Billings in 2018. However, there are a couple of things you can do to help police recover your belongings if you are a victim of theft.

Lt. Brandon Wooley of the Billings Police Department said it's really helpful for police if people have security cameras around their property. He also said to write down the serial numbers of your possessions. He said pawn shops have to track serial numbers and the Billings Police have a data base where they can check pawn shops for stolen items. If you own something valuable that doesn't have a serial number, Lt Wooley said to mark it in some way.

Billings resident Madison Schell said she came home last week to discover someone had been in her garage.

She said, "All five of my big totes, all of my small totes, they're gone. I'm like 'Where did they go?' My childhood is in there. My baby shower stuff is in there."

Schell said a lot of her stuff was taken, including Christmas decorations and an especially cherished photo display her grandmother made her for graduation.

Schell said, "So, we had the graduation party. I have pictures on my Facebook of the graduation party. It's memorable. So, keeping the 2015 sign with pictures around it, glued on... I don't have that in here anymore.

Schell said she has filed a report with the police.

Lt Wooley said it's important to report any theft you are a victim of. He said even if you think it's unlikely you will get your stuff back, the report helps the police track crime and identify hot spots. 

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