Acing the airport this summer

If you are taking a trip this summer, you already know that traveling can be stressful. I spoke with Director of Aviation and Transit for Billings Kevin Ploehn for tips on how you can ace the airport this summer. 

Ploehn says the Billings Airport had a record travel year last year and it looks like this year is going to be another record year. He says the number one thing you can do to sail through the airport is: do not bring things in your carry on that are prohibited.

He says, "Every year, people bring things. You know, they pack in a hurry and they don't clear out their bag, especially a lot of the hunters. You know, their bags might have had knives or bullets in it from the hunting season and they never clear those out. And, that will slow you down significantly. Because then our police officers have to come down and check it all out."

The Transportation Security Administration, or TSA, has a list of prohibited items on their website that Ploehn recommends you check before traveling.

Ploehn also says to arrive early.

He says, "We are anticipating some big crowds. We've already at this point in time, and this is early in the summer still, are seeing some wait times in the TSA check lines that are running from twenty to thirty minutes. So, we are very anxious for people to pay attention to that 'get here early' message that comes out every year at this time."

Ploehn says to try to arrive at the airport at least 90 minutes early. The noon hour is the busiest time right now at Billings Logan International Airport, so Ploehn says you might want to come two hours early if your flight is at that time.

Ploehn also tells me that July is the busiest summer travel month. 

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