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Edgar Mendoza has been charged with one count of felony intimidation following suspicious letters threatening several people at the University of Providence, a private Catholic college in Great Falls.

According to court documents, Dean of Students Jake Clark received photos of letters from one victim. The letter threatened the victim to expose them for cheating on their significant other if they did not give oral sex to Mendoza.

A separate letter which was addressed to Mendoza threatened him to ensure the victim did as instructed.

Both the victim and Clark believed the letters to be written by an upperclassman, because it referenced incidents which occurred during the prior school year.

The Dean and Director of Residential life met with Mendoza on September 11. Mendoza stated he received 2 more letters, one found in his private room at Argo Hall containing more threats to urge the victim to obey the sexual acts on Mendoza.

On October 2, Clark received a call from a professor who found 3 letters. They were addressed to Clark and the Director of Residential Life. The letters alleged sexual misconduct and hazing by the soccer team.

A final letter was found threatening the victim would be poisoned during the next soccer trip.

The victim then found two additional letters in their dorm room only after Mendoza advised them to look.  The victim informed Clark very few people had access to his room and it was never unlocked when he was out.

On October 8, Mendoza confessed to writing both the letters to the victim and himself.

The sate requests his bond at $5,000.

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