Senior Standout: Stratton Bohl

"I can't really describe it," said Stratton Bohl, "Somehow I just have high concentration... always thinking about how I can  change things up, get different and just better myself in the game."

CMR's Stratton Bohl plays in flow. 

"You just put everything off to the side and you focus on whats at hand and for me, that is soccer," he said.

The Rustlers' right back has been playing soccer since he was four-years-old... now the game is second nature. Having grown up in the sport with many of his teammates, the Rustlers' captain's approach to the game makes them better. 

"It builds chemistry, you know, you know exactly where they're gonna be on the field and you have friends that you hangout with later off the field but for the most part, on the field, you just know where they're gonna be, what they're gonna do, how they're gonna react to situations," he said.

A strong tackler, and precision passer,  Bohl's versatility makes him the glue of the midfield. his intangibles however, make him a true captain.

"Always under the team, trying to pick them up and I'm always trying to be positive and that's one thing that my parents have always told me is always try to find the positive things and you know, be that person that people can look up to and that's just who i try to be. that person that people look up to and I try to raise the spirits for everyone," said Bohl.

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