Missoula's Ben Roberts Ready For an NFL Chance

He no doubt had the biggest impact on the field of any newcomer last season for the Grizzly football team, and while his Montana football career was brief, it may just be the beginning of a much longer professional career for one Sentinel High graduate.

Ben Roberts had a memorable season for the Griz last year.  He was second on the team in receptions, and chipped in 5 touchdowns.  Now, he has NFL scouts interested in him, and it's all quite surreal for Roberts.


"If you were to have told me a year ago that I would be at pro day after playing a year (of football) at Montana, I would have told you that you were crazy," says the former Griz receiver.


The reason it is such a unique situation is because out of high school, Roberts chose to attend Washington State on a baseball scholarship, where he excelled for several seasons-making it on SportsCenter's top 10 list for incredible catches, before returning home to Missoula to play for the Griz, which makes his back-story intriguing to NFL teams.


"You know, they're just trying to figure out why I didn't play baseball, and football seemed to be the thing I wanted to do.  Something that sticks out to me is people seem to think I'm still pretty raw, which is true of me only playing on year out here, so I guess that's a good thing for the most part, a lot of room to grow still," says Roberts.


While Roberts is not expected to get drafted, he was one of the most talked about players at the Montana Pro Day.  There's a chance he'll get an undrafted free-agent opportunity with an NFL team, and he believes if he gets that chance, he'll make the most of it. 


"I think just being from Montana gives you that blue-collar approach to everything, just a workman like attitude.  Go out there, be yourself, and put your head down and go to work, none of that other stuff matters, you just go to work, do what you're told and take care of business," explains Roberts.


While the majority of his college career was spent on the diamond in the Palouse, Roberts will remember his brief time with the Griz fondly, for how quickly he became a cherished member of the football team. 


"This whole senior class that I got to play with was really cool.  They welcomed me right in like I had been on the team for four years," says Roberts.

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