Mattress Firm Student Athlete of the Week: Belgrade's Spencer Gordon

If there's one thing Belgrade basketball head coach Mike Deming can count on from Spencer Gordon, it's a high level of effort and commitment.

"He's a role player for us," said Deming. "He does all of the things that a lot of guys don't want to do. He's the hustle guy, the guy that works his guts out every single night."

Between being a multi-sport athlete and a 4.0 student, Gordon said it can be tough to find much down time.

"It's kind of busy, you know? 24 hours," he said. "You're either a student, or athlete, or whatever. I mean, it's not too bad."

But it doesn't stop there for Gordon. Any time he has the chance, usually between sports seasons, you can find him volunteering at the hospital, following in his sister's footsteps.

"I kind of got stuck on that path because family does what family does," said Gordon. "So I just went down that path that she did and it's totally worth it. Especially if you're looking for medical school."

Gordon said the job, while not pretty, is a great way to get experience as he plans to to go into the field of neurology.

"Mostly clean. You're kind of like a volunteer janitor. But other than that,you still get to see lots of cool stuff. I mean, you can't really talk about it to other people, but you get the personal experience."

Gordon also takes an active role in helping out at sports camps put on by the school and even started donating blood as time permits. And his coach said he could not ask for a better player or person to represent his team and school.

"He's determined, he's very intelligent," said Deming. "And having guys like that on our team, representing not only our team, but our school is a big plus."

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