Lacrosse quickly becoming a spring staple in Bozeman

Just like it is across the United States, Lacrosse is exploding in popularity in the Gallatin Valley.

"It used to be like 50 kids," said senior attacker Finn VaughanKraska. "Or under 50 kids, and then the next year it doubled, and then I started playing and I got all of my friends to play and then it really started getting popular."

The club now has more than 300 members, and one of those leading the charge for is VaughanKraska. VaughanKraska started playing lacrosse in seventh grade, following in his brother's footsteps, and he was hooked.

"It kind of draws a lot of aspects from other sports," VaughanKraska said. "Its got the running of soccer, the physicality of football, and then the offense and defense of basketball."

VaughanKraska grabbed his friends, and soon, they were all hooked. The team is full of guys who learned by word of mouth, and now, they're seeing the club they helped build start to thrive.

"It's just kind of nice because we're the pioneer class of actually starting to get actual good, solid lacrosse in Montana," said senior defenseman Si D'Agostino. "So it's cool to be a part of that."

The team currently practices and has their games out in Belgrade, but the team is hoping to move their games to Bozeman High School in the very near future.

"The future looks good, just as far as their reception of this club sport," said Bozeman head coach Rob Robinett. "I mean, we'd all like to see this as a school sanctioned sport at the high school level."

And that is a sentiment shared by all the players, who just want to see the sport continue to grow and thrive.

"I hope that the competition just gets better and better and that eventually it's a high school sport," said VaughanKraska.

"It would be awesome to come back in a few years down the road and have lacrosse be a part of Montana culture," said D'Agostino. "Because I really think it is a game that everybody can get a part of."

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