Jessie Maruska: Senior Standout

Jessie Maruska Directing Traffic at Practice at Power High School

Our big news this year is that Jessi broke 1,000 points."

It's a feat that most players find to be one of the greatest accomplishments in their career. But for Power's Jessie Maruska:

"Well, I didn't really know till I saw it on the news, so it was kinda weird but it was cool. It feels good, but I think a lot of it has to do with my teammates and my coaches who believe in me and I don't think I've ever had coaches believe in me more than I do this year."

Her selfless demeanor and dedication to the game are only a couple of the qualities that head coach Kari Schubarth says make Jessie stand apart from other players.

"Jessie's amazing. She is the hardest working basketbally player I've ever met in my life. She loves this sport unconditionally, but her dedication overall to every sport and to this school has been quite amazing. She gives 100 percent to anything she does. That alone sets her apart."

Now in her senior season, Jessi has accumulated quite the resume. Aside from tipping off the year with that 1000-point milestone, she was also the team's leading rebounder last season, which is impressive because, well, she's quite small.

"I'm not really getting anything with my height, so you have to depend on your other skills too. You have to be stronger with the ball, and you have to be a lot stronger mentally knowing that even when you do get blocked, you still have to go back up."

Jessie hasn't let her size stop her from playing the game she loves. In fact, it's only helped her grow, and now she leaves behind big shoes to fill.

"When I was a freshman I don't think I was confident but I think definitely our coaches and our players have made me a lot more confident not only in playing but leading the team."

"I'd like to see us have a great season and come in at least fighting hard for a number two position in our district and going to Divisionals would be an awesome send-off for her."

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