Inside the Voyage: Fishing For Strikeouts

Pregame routines are essential for success in baseball.  For Voyagers pitcher Chris Comito, his ritual is a little off the beaten path.

"It's a relaxing thing, just coming out and doing something you really enjoy doing.  Getting away from baseball, you know, the business side, stat side of things, it's fun to do," said Comito. 

In his three years in the White Sox system, Comito says fishing has really influenced his baseball career.

"I look at it as like a pitching standpoint. As in I'm targeting that fish, I'm trying to find what that fish are eating. When I'm on the mound I throw that first pitch, I'm seeing what that batter sees, how he's adjusting to what I'm throwing to him, trying to get that strikeout or that out. And that fish, you're trying to find what he's eating and what he's rising on so hopefully you can catch him," said Comito. 

He sometimes drives over an hour, but similar to delivering the winning strikeout the drive is worth the chance of hooking the catch of the day.


"You know I haven't really had that feeling yet with a fish. I've caught some big fish on a spinning rod, but not on a fly rod. Definitely getting that strikeout in a key moment is a big adrenaline rush that's for sure," he said.

Like an unsuccessful bout on the mound, not all fishing trips pan out the way he wants, but he knows there's plenty of fish in the sea.

"You gotta trust the process. You have one bad game, you have another eight starts before the season is over. If it doesn't end up lining up in the end then so be it. You just say you tried," Comito said.

So until his time in Great Falls finally ends, Chris will fish on.

"Fishing and baseball.. there's nothing more you could ask for," said Comito. 

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