Griz CBs excelling after switch to defense

Dareon Nash and Justin Calhoun went from catching touchdown passes for the Griz to trying to prevent them.

"We were kind of in the same position we played corner in high school and it kind of just happened," said Dareon Nash.

Nash made the change after his redshirt season while Calhoun changed this fall after starting at Wide Receiver his first two years.

"I just embraced it. It was something I brought up to the coaches, I wasn't mad or anything i just embraced it and I was excited to get back on defense. It was something I was thinking about for a long time now," said Calhoun.

When deciding if a wide Receiver has what it takes to switch sides of the ball Coach Hauck looks a few different things.

"The first attribute is can they run and change direction, Receiver is a bit more of a straight line speed than corner.  Corner they have to flips their hips a little more and change direction a little more at corner you don't know where the play is going so you have to react," said Hauck.

"I feel like confidence is one of the man things you need, confidence footwork and a football IQ and you should be good," said Nash.

Of course this isn't the first time Coach Hauck has switched a wide receiver to defense. He did so with a guy named Trumaine Johnson and that's worked out pretty well. Johnson has earned 36 million in his career and that's before he just signed a 72 million dollar deal with the Jets.

"I distinctly remember  that Trumaine wasn't too fired up about moving to corner maybe he ought to cut me in? No, that was interesting because Trumaine saw himself as a Receiver and we saw him as a big time corner and we aren't always right but we were right in that case," said Hauck.

That's certainly an example the coaches can show their players and one  Nash and Calhoun are well aware of.

"It's something that pops up in my head, it's two different stories but I think about Trumaine a lot," said Calhoun.

Whether Nash or Calhoun will turn into Trumaine Johnson is a tall order but through two games the duo has combined for two interceptions, one touchdown, a fumble recovery, thirteen tackles, a sack and 5 pass breakups. Not too shabby for a couple former wide receivers.

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