Electric City Playing for Football Redemption

Tomorrow is the big day. Time for football teams across the state to see if all their hard work over the summer paid off, including teams in the Electric City. 

After a tough 2017 season, the CMR Rustlers are heading into tomorrow's game  ready for redemption. This time last year the team battled with the Helena High Bengals for the entire game, only to lose by one point. Head coach Gary Lowry says that season is behind them,  and the guys in green and gold are ready to show out tomorrow night.

"I think we've finally solidified a little our lineup, and a little depth at some different spots that we were looking for," Lowry said. "You know we're still unknown in some areas. A lot of kids didn't play last year, but things are looking up for us right now."

"I think we're gonna be led by our defense early this season," he added. "Our offense is coming around and kinda finding what they want to do and what they can do and who they are." 

Senior defensive end and wide receiver Bryce Depping said after two weeks, the Rustlers are ready for some action. 

"I think we're just excited about getting out there," Depping said. "You know, putting on the pads and actually being able to hit somebody. It's been a long two weeks learning some stuff and younger guys coming up and playing but I think we're ready to go out there with a clean slate like you said."

Meanwhile their Crosstown Rivals, the Great Falls High Bison, are in a pretty similar position after winning just two games last year. Despite the disappointing finish for last years seniors, the Class of 2019 brings a new sense of leadership and pride. Head coach Mark Samson said the guys' experience and intensity will be key in winning tomorrow against the capital Bruins... 

"You know we talk about changing some things that haven't really been that great in a while at Great Falls High, and I really think this group of kids they want to make a difference," Samson said. "They wanna leave, not only after game one, but every successful thing, they want to walk away feel good about themselves and really feel like what they're doing is the right thing." 

Senior quarterback Blake Thielen is eager to get out on the field and play in his senior opener and bring a lot of that intensity to the game. 

"Our intensity is always high. We're always jacked up, our defense is hooting and hollering, our offense is hooting and hollering," Thielen said. "Basically tomorrow, we just gotta keep that same intensity when we score a touchdown, all of our guys are gonna go and celebrate that guy who scored that touchdown, and it's gonna be a great thing and we're gonna be the talk of the town."

Great Falls is home at Memorial Stadium on August 24 at 7 p.m. CMR will hit the road and head for Vigilante Stadium. 

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