Centerville Laughing Their Way to a State Title

As the ever important football season dawns, let's take a look now at another team preparing for the year. The Centerville Miners are no stranger to winning, and while a winning mentality is expected, the guys still find a way to have a good time.

The team is preparing for the season opener against rocky boy on Friday, and head Coach Brian Davison said they've prepared well for the season. 

"These guys have come in and worked hard," said Davison. "Each year we've built on the success we've had the year before. Just continuing to get better every day, and the boys put in the time. Now it's finally starting to pay off." 

The Miners are no strangers to winning, as you can see by their field and in the halls of their school. 

"We've got a sign over here that has the two years that they won state, so we're able to point that out to them," said Davison. 

But the real key to the team's success, according to senior Cooper Davis, is the chemistry they've built over the years. 

"We've just been building these last three years and this year should be the time to show it." he said. 

Practices are typically light-hearted and full of high energy, which keeps the guys engaged throughout the session.

"It makes it easy because it's fun to come here and be with them," said Davison. "They're always gonna throw something different at you so it just makes it fun to come and see what you're gonna go through and enjoy the process of it." 

But when the Friday Night Lights roll around, the Miners get to work. 

"Obviously there's times when you have to be serious, and come game week that's usually where we're at," said senior Blayne Kohut. "We take it seriously, and just prepare, but then keeping the fun element to it." 

The 2018 Miner game plan is simple: work hard, play hard, and win football games.

"I think we're pretty strong mentally. We're ready to play. Everyone wants to hit somebody, so it should be a good game," said. Davis. 

Friday night's game is at Rocky Boy at 4:30 p.m. 


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