ABC All Star: Butte Softball Outfielders

Ashton Lafond has a 4.0 GPA. As a 9th grader she did really well in the classroom, and the A's kept coming.

"Just a goal I set for myself as a child that I wanted to get all good grades throughout high school and my freshman year I got all A's so I decided to keep going," said Ashton Lafond.

Kendall Alley has a 3.9 GPA. There's a number of reasons why the outfielder is a dominant student.

"I wanted to have good grades for college and for my future and to inspire other people and make my parents proud and I have a younger sister coming through, she's over there, and I have an older sister who came out of Butte High witha 4.0.," said outfielder Kendall Alley.

"The little things that win you games academically are the things that give you the high GPA. It's getting your homework done and I think they can carry that over to the softball field," said Butte head coach Steve Stosich.

Alley will attend the University of Montana next Fall and major in speech pathology, because of what she's overcome.

"When I was younger I suffered speech trouble and I want to go out and be that person who wants to help little kids overcome their disabilities and help other people that have problems," said Alley.

"After graduation I'm going to go to Tech and hopefully find out what I want to do what I want to be," said Lafond.

Coach Stosich knows that good grades and good softball play go together.

"Kids that work hard in the classroom work hard on the field you can't play unless you have the grades and our grades are extremely high," said Stosich.

Reporting in Butte Jeff Eberle ABC FOX Montana Sports.

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