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Another invasive species has been found in a central Montana lake. According to FWP, faucet snails were found in Lake Francis in Valier in May. The snails can carry several harmful parasites that can kill waterfowl if eaten. However,  officials say, these snails could also cause problems for farmers and ranchers who use Lake Francis for livestock and irrigation. Cole Peebles, Engineer for Pondera County Canal & Reservoir Company, said "they cause bio-fouling of filter a...

Due to the recent subzero temperatures and snowfall, the Stevensville Water Department has been responding to a number of customers experiencing frozen meters and frozen underground house lines.

As a cold freeze sweeps across the state northwest energy is advising folks to get a head start in gearing your homes up for winter. Northwest Energy spokesperson Butch Larcombe says, "It is a good time to start thinking about pipes and how you can conserve on your energy bills."

The nonprofit Federal Alliance for Safe Homes recommends some mid-winter checks to ensure your home is well insulated.