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BUTTE- Homecoming week continued Friday afternoon at Montana Tech with the annual "Bed Races". Six groups competed in the event and raced down the hill from the Student Union Building past the football field. Each bed cart was designed and constructed by the racers. 

PULLMAN, Wash. (AP) - A new report by Washington State University concludes that people rarely fall out of the windows of university buildings, and most such incidents occur off-campus at facilities the school does not own.    The report was commissioned after a student was injured falling from a window last August, and it was released Monday. 

Did you know that something as simple as charging your cellphone could be dangerous? 53 percent of children or teens charge their phones either on their bed or underneath their pillow which is a fire hazard. The photo you are seeing now is a Facebook post that was posted by the Newton, New Hampshire Fire Department. This post went viral with more than 30-thousand shares. As you can see, the post shows a danger of charging your cellphone, so here are three tips to follow to make sure ...