For many, the NAIA Women's Basketball Championship Tournament is a chance to see some great basketball they wouldn't have seen otherwise in the Magic City. 

Billings elementary students got to take a day off from school to enjoy some basketball in the Champion of Character program, which brought over 3,000 kids to the NAIA Tournament. 

"I like watching them like jump shot and like maybe if they could dunk it that would be really cool," said Poly Drive Elementary student Wynstin Olson. 

 "My favorite part about it is just spending time with my friends and watching the game with my friends," Ellie Miller added. 

When the stands would normally be empty while the adults are busy at work, these kids from Poly Drive Elementary and other Billings Schools, bring the energy. 

Student Travis Rome said, "It's really awesome 'cus like it's like you really watch basketball players because I've never seen this before." 

The kids had no problem missing some school to catch the action, they all said they would much rather watch some basketball then do school work. 

Colleen Sullivan brings some energy herself, she works for the NAIA Tournament Committee and is in charge of the program. A former schoolteacher and basketball coach herself, she said although the kids are missing class, there's still plenty of lessons to be learned at the arena. 

"There's lessons about how much money I can spend at a concessions stand, they're learning a little bit about basketball  trying to explain offense and defense to some of the kids today so you listen to the teachers talking about lessons and you listen to the kids asking questions about it," Sullivan said. 

Sullivan added the teams seem to appreciate the chance to play in front of a packed house of a kids and said one team came over to say goodbye and thank you. 

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