Yellowstone Wildlife Sanctuary in Red Lodge is partnering with Mountain Khakis, an outdoor inspired apparel company based out of Jackson Hole, Wyoming.

Mountain Khakis will outfit the entire staff of Yellowstone Wildlife Sanctuary with clothing that's branded with the sanctuary's logo. The clothes are designed to withstand extreme weather, which is fitting as most of the sanctuary is exposed to the outdoors.

But Mountain Khakis didn't choose Yellowstone Wildlife Sanctuary at random. A very special resident caught the attention of the clothing brand. Mountain Khaki's spirit animal is the bison, and the Sanctuary happens to be the home for Speedy, an 18 year old bison.

Gary Robson, executive director of the sanctuary says, "the whole sponsorship arrangement started with offering to cover Speedy's healthcare and feed, which is a big deal especially when you've got an aging bison." He says Speedy needs to be on specialty feed specially designed for bison, so the sponsorship benefits her, the sanctuary, and Mountain Khakis. 

But the partnership doesn't stop there. Mountain Khakis likes the sanctuary's work so much, they want to do something special for the rest of the animals. The Yellowstone Wildlife Sanctuary will be remodeling their gift shop soon, and Mountain Khakis is going to make use of the extra space.

"In addition to feeding Speedy and sponsoring Speedy, we're rolling out throughout the year several ways to kind of tell the story of the other animals here, and the good things that are happening," says Adam Webb, senior creative manager for Mountain Khaki's. "We're going to develop some t-shirts inspired by the animals, they'll be able to sell them here in the shop, with a portion of the proceeds going right back here to assist on all their endeavors."

There are many other exciting opportunities that will become available to the public throughout the year through this special partnership. Stay tuned to KULR-8 for the latest announcements.

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