Yellowstone Boys and Girls Ranch raising and selling pheasants

If you are looking to buy pheasants for your property, you can call the Yellowstone Boys and Girls Ranch.

This is the first year of the pheasant program...affectionately known as the "bird project."

Cass Cole, Principal of Yellowstone Academy (educational piece of Yellowstone Boys and Girls Ranch), said, "We get eggs, then they're in the incubator for about 25 days. And, the kids get to watch them go from little chicks to teenagers to adults in full color. So, it's been a really neat process. Our overall goal is to release birds back into the wild."

Eli is a student at Yellowstone Academy. One of her jobs is to help feed the chicks.  

She said, "We usually feed them after dinner but sometimes we feed them before dinner."

Eli added, "Just seeing them grow and stuff I think is really cool. The big ones are so beautiful."

The Yellowstone Boys and Girls Ranch plans to continue their pheasant program next summer. They are even expanding their facilities to include an outdoor fly pen.

Cole said, "This is our outdoor fly pen for our older birds. It's 150 by 50, and it will be about 14 feet tall. When our birds get to about 7-8 weeks of maturity, we'll put them out in these fly pens. So, they are able to fly and learn how to do that to avoid predators and whatever else they need to avoid."

The pheasants cost $15 for a hunting preserve or $7 for private or non-commercial property. If you are interested in purchasing pheasants, you can email Cass Cole at

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