Two local educators have their teaching certifications revoked during a hearing in front of the board of education in Helena.

Nora Block is a former teacher in Hardin who was fired after allegedly hiding a gun for one of her students, Glenn Kanvick is a former Billings substitute teacher accused of sexual misconduct. Board members listened to the evidence and testimonies and, ultimately, made the decision.

The attorney for the office of public instruction, Julia Swingley, was present at each hearing, in which she laid out the hard facts and evidence in front of the board.

In the case of Nora Block, Swingley reiterated the fact that Block is convicted and found guilty of two criminal offenses: tampering with physical evidence and obstructing a peace officer. Swingley went on to describe the events that occured before Block was found guilty including January 26th, 2018. That was the day she concealed a gun in her classroom for one of her students. Swingley also mentioned January 27th, 2018. The day Block turned the gun over to authorities and then lied, claiming she found the gun in her classroom.

"Based on the fact that we have a criminal conviction and the fact that this does fit within the statutory and definition in the rules, I ask that you revoke her license based on the superintendent's recommendation and the public document that I provided."

Nora Block did not appear at the hearing, nor did anyone attend the hearing to represent her. The motion for revocation was carried and then passed.

In the case of former Billings substitute teacher, Glenn Kanvick, attorney Swingley represented for OPI and had a witness testify. Hearing officer Michelle Smith explained when she started investigating the case against Kanvick.

"I officially started May 10th, 2018 and the only information I received was that two students had anonymously reported to the school resource officers text line that Mr. Kanvick, as a substitute teacher, had made some innapropriate, sexual coments."

Students accused the teacher of sexual misconduct, disciplinary problems, and innapropriate behavior. Smith described the investigative process and concluded without opinion. After the board heard her testimony, the motion for revocation was passed, but not before the board commended Billings School District 2 for a job well done.

"I just want to commend School District 2 on following all of those steps. Leaving a good amount of information for us to make our decision on."

Kanvick was not present for the hearing either, nor did anyone appear on his behalf.

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