Most fans know an all-star team is a team made up of all the best players from a certain league. 

Well, one girls club soccer team in Billings has formed a super squad of their own, and they're showing the state that they have what it takes to compete at the next level. 

The Billings United U19 girls soccer team is made up of juniors and seniors from the four Billings high schools. And while they may go to different schools, they've been playing club soccer together since they were little. 

"We've all grown up together and we all kind of go to different high schools but we've played together in club season," said Halle Labert, a 2020 commit to Rocky Mountain College from Skyview high school. 

And that time together has created a team chemistry like none other. 

"Our team chemistry is insane we know what our teammates are doing before they know because we've been playing together since we were 11," said Nichole Unsworth, a 2019 commit to Rocky Mountain College from Billings West. 

While they may be teammates for the club season, during the fall they face off against each other on their high school teams. 

'It'll be a cross-town rivalry and the ball will go out of bounds and you'll have conversations, but It's fun because it's a friendship but you're also always pushing each other whether your teammates or opponents," said Blair Stapleton, a 2019 commit to Carroll College from Senior high. 

"It's kind of fun its not really a rivalry I would say its fun playing against each other because we're all friends we definitely don't take it easy on each other but its fun," added Labert. 

Head Coach Dylan Barnard said 12 players from the U19 team have a future with soccer in college. 

Nine of those players are already committed to Montana schools. 

"Most the girls kind of test the waters out of state but sometimes its hard to make an impression when people who are local know who you are and how hard you look," said Barnard. 

Carroll College, MSU Billings, and Rocky Mountain College will each have some of that team chemistry on their campus in the next couple years. 

"I'm super excited to go to Rocky because a couple other players are going to rocky and we can also play off each other while we are at rocky so i'm just really excited its going to be really fun," said Unsworth. 

Stapleton added, "So it'll be super fun I think we're all rooming together so it will be nice to kind of have teammates on the new team that you already know and have chemistry with so I think it will be a really good fit for all of us."

But for now, the girls say they just want to continue to get better, and enjoy their last club season playing with each other. 

"My goal is to just take everything in because I don't want to regret anything like I want to take it all in and make sure I don't forget any of it because I spent my whole life playing soccer and I don't want to forget any of it," Unsworth said. 

Coach Barnard said the team has their eyes set on regional's coming up in June in Boise, Idaho. At the tournament the girls will face off against some of the best in the country. 

Below is a list of the girls committed to Montana schools so far. 

2019 Graduates

Nichole Unsworth - Center Defender - Billings West - Rocky Mountain College

Kayla Mader - Outside Defender - Billings Skyview - Rocky Mountain College

Amaya Winkler - Center Midfielder - Billings West - Carroll College

Melissa Dugger - Forward - Billings West - Carroll College

Blair Stapleton - Forward - Billings Senior - Carroll College

Class of 2020

Halle Labert - Forward - Billings Skyview - Rocky Mountain College

Morgan Ferstead - Forward - Billings Central - Carroll College

Haylee Gertsch - Defender - Billings Skyview - Verbal Commitment to MSUB (per NCAA rules)

Taylor Gertsch - Midfield - Billings Skyview - Verbal Commitment to MSUB (per NCAA rules)

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