Earlier today, President Trump and the head of the FDA said they plan to ban flavored e-cigarettes amid an outbreak of serious lung illnesses and a surge in underage vaping. 

It's news an Indiana teen may agree with after coming back from the verge of death, due to vaping. 

Cooper Stevens is 16 and says he always had a JUUL minty flavor e-cigarette on him.

He vaped at least a hundred times a day.

Three weeks ago, he was forced to stop, he started having chest pains and felt like he couldn't breathe. 

Cooper spent nine days on a ventilator and multiple organs had failed. 

He is regaining his strength and while he's recovering, he wants to tell people about the dangers of vaping.

Cooper says, "I think the main thing was the smoke that came out of them and people would do tricks with them. There's nicotine in them you get hooked and then you don't want to stop."

The CDC launched a multi-state investigation into a rapidly growing number of vaping-related respiratory illnesses.

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