Saint Vincent Healthcare has partnered with the outpatient imaging company, Touchstone Medical Imaging, to improve Healthcare access for patients.

The partnership is a joint venture called "Touchstone Imaging Billings", it's an effort to expand outpatient imaging services utilizing state-of-the-art MRI and CT services.

St. Vincent Healthcare partners with Touchstone Medical Imaging to expand outpatient imaging

Michael Skehan, COO at St. Vincent Healthcare highlighted the importance of the new location.

"It's really part of our commitment at St Vincent Healthcare to be where patients want us to be. So offering an additional location at the West End, i think is offering a part of what patients want and that is access to quality healthcare," said Skehan.

If you're interested in checking out these new services, Touchstone Imaging Billings is located at the Montana Ambulatory Care Center, or the MACC. This location is on Billings West End and began serving patients in late 2018.

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