Red Lodge main water lines continue to freeze

The City of Red Lodge continues to deal with frozen water main lines, and for now it's only getting worse. 

Red Lodge Mayor Bill Larson said they are now up to 60 residents without water. The city called an emergency council meeting last week after that number had reached 45. 

Mayor Larson said the warmer temperatures are driving frost down, clogging the pipes. 

Earlier on Thursday, the water lines at the library also froze, but Public Works was able to get the water running again. 

Mayor Larson said the town's morale is good right now, and hopefully as Spring comes they can get out of this soon. 

"So you know we've raised the minimum water rate from 3,000 to 8,000 so everybody can keep their faucets running or neighbors can help neighbors with their garden hose you know house to house type thing. Morale's really good everybody's handling it, and we'll just take care of each other," said Mayor Larson. 

Last week the council rejected a resolution which would allocate $15,000 to purchase clean water. Mayor Larson's executive order allowed the minimum water rate to go from 3,000 to 8,000 gallons. 

Mayor Larson said so far the community's churches and grocery stores have come together to donate water and help their neighbors. 

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