The city of Billings has been working around the clock to clear the roads after Monday morning's snow fall.

"The city crews have been plowing all the main roads. We've been through them once and we are now getting ready and starting to haul Rimrock and some of the roads today (Tuesday). Tonight we'll be in Downtown (Billings) picking that up," said the city of Billings Public Works Director, David Mumford.

Between the city of Billings and FirstMark Construction the snow from Monday's snow storm is quickly being plowed.

Mumford praised the workers behind the wheel who worked through the holiday. He said it was tough to not only get people in on MLK Jr. Day but also because of how bad the roads were. Mumford wanted the people of Billings to know that they are working very hard to ensure the roads get completely cleared.

"We hope that the residents of Billings do understand that it takes awhile. The snow came so fast and it was wet. It packed quickly so it wasn't easy for us to work with but we'll continue to keep trying to pull it up and get the roads clear," said Mumford.

We caught up with Katie Burst as she shoveled her driveway. Burst is a Billings resident who also had some high praise for the individuals making sure our roads were cleared so quickly despite the process taking a longer amount of time in the past.

"I feel that they did pretty well clearing it out. There's been previous years where it's been days before they cleared it out. That says a lot about our city, being on top of it and getting on it right away," said Burst

Mumford reiterated that this snow was a hard pack and difficult to plow at first. However, they have 24-hour a day operations going on between the city and FirstMark.

"We just appreciate everybody's patience with us and some of the nice comments we've gotten," said Mumford.

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