Montana and Hawaii Army National Guard building and renovating homes in Crow Agency

The Montana Army National Guard is teaming up with the Hawaii Army National Guard to build and renovate homes in Crow Agency for Crow military veterans.

The soldiers are replacing siding on multiple homes, as well as doing more extensive renovations on one home. They are also building a new house.  

Montana Army National Guard Sergeant First Class Daniel T. Schneider said, "Right now, we are in the middle of framing interior walls, exterior sheathing, installing windows. We'll be doing the roof shortly, a metal roof."

The project to build and renovate homes started July 20 and will go until August 20. Sergeant Schneider said approximately 49 soldiers from Hawaii and 30 soldiers on two week rotations from Montana are working on the homes.

He said, "It's satisfying when the Montana Guard gets to assist any community in Montana. It's especially satisfying knowing that it's going to a veteran."

Hawaii Army National Guard First Lieutenant Cliff Yim said, "It actually has a special place in our heart. We know we are giving back to whoever served before us."

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