MET Transit possible upgrades

BILLINGS, MT – Passengers riding MET buses in Billings will now have the benefit of free WiFi.

The City of Billings announced Friday that complimentary on board WiFi internet access has been added on all fixed-route buses allowing customers to work, access social media, and browse all while riding in comfort to their destinations across the Billings area.

Transit Manager Rusty Logan says, "MET has made recent additions of on board technology systems to the fleet aimed at improving operational efficiency. During the purchase and install of these systems, we found we could also cost effectively improve customer experience and convenience by using the technology to provide on board WiFi access.” Logan adds, β€œOn board WiFi also opens the potential for future technology additions for MET operations, including safety and security enhancements as well as further optimizations."

To access the WiFi system, customers will connect to the "MET_BUS WiFi" network when aboard the MET bus. Upon connecting, customers will be directed to agree to the network terms and conditions; after acceptance, users may connect to the internet.

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